Bonfire Babes is a podcast about living intentionally, getting into alignment and finding joy in every moment. We share stories of encouragement and inspiration as well as our troubles. This podcast brings us joy and we will only continue if it continues to bring us joy. As we grow and learn about new and exciting practices, tidbits that make life easier and hear stories that light us up, we'll bring it to the bonfire and share it here on our website or in our podcast. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

This is a podcast for women in all walks of life... so whether you're a student, single, married with or without children, divorced, whatever your situation... we hope that this speaks to you, helps validate your feelings, assists you in finding your joy or just plain and simple makes you smile throughout your day. We hope you learn something to add to your experience and raise your vibration. We want to create a community of high vibe women who support each other. So join us today!

Listen in, join the conversation and be a bonfire babe :)

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