Claire Byler

Deep thinker, night owl and student of the universe. Reiki practitioner. Crystal collector. Aromatherapy junkie.

Occupation: restaurateur, mama of 2 boys, co-founder and creator of the bonfire babes.

Find her: sipping on an iced vanilla latte with a dirty mom bun in a Whole Foods or Target — deep breathing in aisle 8 while her kids are screaming.

Alignment: burning palo santo or nag champa, breath work, kundalini kriyas, essential oils and grounding myself under the moonlight.


Felicity Powers

Early riser, lover of books and tropical weather. Adventure seeker. Jet setter.

Occupation: teacher, leading youth on journeys of self discovery and adventure. Co-founder and creator of the bonfire babes.

Find her: in a yoga class or on the next flight to Mexico.

Alignment: fried eggs and toast, singing Adele in the shower, being in awe of the sky, lotions and potions and dreaming about travel.