Who are we?

Two life long friends on a mission to live life full of intention, alignment and joy.

Hi, I'm Claire.

I live in Maui, Hawaii with my wonderful husband and 'almost' two little boys (one is due in a few weeks!). I am an avid student of all things that make life easier, full of joy and I want to inspire others to set off on their own journey of personal development. I studied interdisciplinary studies in college at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA (shout out to my fellow greeners!). I look forward to sharing stories of motherhood and the ups and downs that come with it as well as taking you with me as I embark on my own personal quest to be a better version of myself.

Hi, I'm Felicity.

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Claire + Felicity. Circa 2013.

Claire + Felicity. Circa 2013.